First Surgical brigade Set for October

First Surgical brigade Set for October

We are happy to announce the launching of an additional outreach effort. As most of you know, we host numerous “brigades,” or short-term mission teams each year. Those currently consists of medical brigade, VBS brigades, and construction brigades.

For several years we have dreamed of adding surgical brigades to our efforts. There is a great need for such teams as hundreds of patients wait for months to get non-emergency procedures done. Many of them suffer with severely infected tonsils or sick gallbladders with no relief in sight. This month God led us to a relationship with Dr. Kendle Yates and his wife, Carmen from Brentwood, TN. We were introduced to them by Health Talents, Inc. as they consulted with us and offered some much needed guidance from their over 20 years of conducting surgical brigades in Guatemala.

Dr. Yates and Carmen recently visited us and the hospital in which we will be conducting these surgical brigades. We have set the first week of October as the launch of our first ever surgical brigade. Our dream is for this to grow into numerous surgical brigades per year. This is another way that Mission UpReach can be the hands of Jesus to the poor and oppressed.

If you would like more information about how you might get involved in future surgical brigades, email us at [email protected].

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