A Note from Donna – July 2017

A Note from Donna – July 2017

I have had numerous people ask about our son Harrison and his wife Hayley. We appreciate your concern and we especially appreciate the ongoing prayers.

It has been a long journey and it continues. Harrison is making progress, praise be to God. Progress is a relative term and in Harrison’s case it seems so very slow to us. We have learned a lot over the past almost two years about recovery from traumatic brain injuries. One of the things we have learned is that often patients cease to progress after two years. Interestingly, that lack of progress is rarely due to the brain’s inability to continue to heal but rather the family’s as well as the patient’s loss of hope and lack of endurance. In our case, Harrison’s determination and strong faith, coupled with Hayley’s enduring love and hard work continue to provide hope in Harrison’s on-going improvement.

Harrison is making improvements in his core strength and endurance. He is able to hold his head up, sit on the side of the bed, lift his own hips, continue to communicate using an IPad, and utters an “umm hum” to indicate a “yes.”  When he communicates, he generally encourages us to continue to hope and believe in God’s providential care and that God has a plan for his life. It encourages us to hear people share how they have been impacted by Harrison and Hayley’s example of faith and fidelity. While we doubt we will ever be thankful for this trial and trauma, we see God using it in the lives of others and that makes us thankful. It certainly keeps us focused on what we know lies ahead for all of us, an eternal home without pain, heartache, or loss. It also emboldens us to share the good news of Jesus with the lost around us so that they too can have the hope and peace that only God provides. Please continue to pray for all of us!

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