A Note from Donna – February 2018

A Note from Donna – February 2018

As of this writing, things continue to be peaceful here in Honduras. We are just days away from the inauguration of the incumbent President. There have been many rumors of potential unrest and based on the chaos we experienced in December, we are all a bit wary. The civil unrest has been concentrated in the two of the large cities, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, both several hours from Santa Rosa de Copán. Other than the tension of the unknown, we have pretty much continued our daily lives as normal. Many of you have expressed your concerns and offered prayers for us, our team, and this country.

We are grateful to you and ask that you continue to pray. I would like to share some thoughts from Phil that he recently shared with a friend and supporter:

Honduras needs prayer warriors that are laboring in prayer for her to come out of a system of darkness, oppression and poverty that began years ago. The current situation is just one more in a decades long struggle of political demagogues who use national emotions for their own egotistical purposes. Honduras’ problems did not begin with this current struggle. Our mission is to raise up a generation of young leaders who have been transformed by having come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ as their teacher and master. If we do not succeed in lighting the fire of a spiritual revival in this next generation my fear is that the darkness, oppression and poverty that currently afflicts the more than eight million people of Honduras will continue or worsen.

Please labor with us in prayer as we continue to work towards our goal of raising up a transformed generation.

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