Lexington Team Returns to Corquín

Lexington Team Returns to Corquín

This month the Lexington Church of Crist (Lexington, SC) returned to Corquín where our team members, Kris and Mike Bridges, lives and work.

This time the group traveled up into the mountains to a community by the name Potrerillos. This community has become one of the areas that the local church in Corquín has focused its recent outreach. There are 15 people from that community who are traveling to meet with the church in Corquín regularly.

Mission UpReach, has worked in this area with other medical teams in the past several years with great results. The community is so responsive and responsible. The team, made up of North Americans, was able to serve people with basic medical checkups as well as vision checks. The Lexington team was housed in Corquín this year instead of Santa Rosa to reduce time on the road. Corquín is small but very quaint and hospitable. The Local church was involved hands on in serving Potrerillos and were encouraged by the fellowship they enjoyed with the Lexington team. This newly formed congregation, averaging 55 in attendance, is full of life and energy with a vision of multiplying into communities such as Potrerillos.

When visiting groups come with the desire to join us in what we are already doing, the combination is dynamic and productive. Thank you, Lexington Church of Christ for coming and serving with us!

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