Birthday Fundraisers!

Birthday Fundraisers!

By Bobby McVey

Why would I do a birthday fundraiser for Mission UpReach? That was the gist of the question Donna asked me to address in this short article for the newsletter.

I could “preach to the choir” and tell you about all the good things that MUR does for the people of western Honduras, but you already know all of that if you are reading this. Or I could focus on the need for funds and the struggle that most non-profits are having during this pandemic. Those were part of my motivation, but not the main aspects of why I chose to participate in this way.

For me, in my volunteer role with MUR, I see on a regular basis the daily needs that the team faces, and I am also aware of the special needs that arise from due to extreme circumstances such as the pandemic or natural disasters. From one perspective, it seems that there will never be enough money or resources to meet these needs. On the other hand, this means there are unlimited opportunities to share the blessings that God has given me and my family.

So as my birthday came around last month, it was an easy decision. Not only did it give me a great excuse to make another donation to MUR, but better than that, I knew it would give my Facebook friends a taste of what it feels like to donate to such a worthy cause. And, sure enough, I had 19 donors, including myself. Some had never heard of Mission UpReach but gave just because I asked, and now they know about Mission UpReach. Some were regular donors but just wanted to honor me on my birthday by donating more. One special gift came from a friend who is not a church-goer, but through our relationship knew about my trips to Honduras and the work there.

And it was so easy to do. For me, it was just one more opportunity to spread the word and pass the collection plate for this great work.

Need help getting started like Bobby? Check out our toolkit at the link below!

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