Meet Alex

Meet Alex

Alexander Monterroza, a 25 year old from El Salvador, got to know Mission UpReach for the first time in June of last year. He had come to spend time with friends and Mission employees, Richar and Kevin, who work on the church planting team. All of the social good that he witnessed from Mission UpReach on that trip impacted him greatly, and we’re excited to announce that he has now joined that team himself and is passionate about the opportunity to serve many people.


As the Spiritual Development Coordinator for the Moses Project, Alex is motivated to promote the development of Christian values in the boys at the Project. The boys are diving deep learning about the character of God and learning how to tell others about Him. Alex also spends a devotional time in the evening with the boys at the Project and he said it’s encouraging to see how it motivates them—how excited and happy they are to learn more about God. The spiritual development activities that the boys participate in also unify them as a support system and family.


Alex says, “The goal of the Moses Project has impacted me greatly. They are transforming lives, training them in various areas, and then the boys are returning to their communities as leaders, where they can be useful and serve others.”

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