A Note From Donna

A Note From Donna

I am typing this note just minutes after completing a quarterly meeting with our DESEO team. I wish each of you could experience the passion, energy, and organization of this incredible group of young men and women. The oldest is only 25 years old and they conduct themselves so professionally. I do believe their passion for what they do—knowing they are impacting young lives with the gospel—compels them. But passion alone isn’t enough to create such a cohesive and functional team. As I have mentioned in earlier newsletters, we use an organizational system for each of our programs that provides structure and direction. Once implemented, the team can begin to see and feel the traction the system provides. It is an incredible tutor for operating in a productive way. The system itself teaches individual discipline for the good of the team.


I recognize that a system alone cannot produce a good, functioning team. It is also very evident that God is working in and through each one of them. Sometimes I get bogged down with the struggles of keeping the mission running, but spending one morning with this young team instills in me a level of energy that is unexplainable. I urge you to pray for these young men and women. They represent the “soul” of what we do. Each day they bring hope and light to the boys and girls they serve. We do not doubt that God is at work redeeming these good efforts and hard work for His glory and honor. Our hope is that one day we can grow this ministry to reach thousands more in years to come.

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