Medical Brigades

Medical brigades bring temporary and basic clinics to the communities that would not otherwise have these services. The brigades offer free doctors’ consultations, medication, eye exams and glasses, dental assistance, and occasionally specialized care. The clinics always function in collaboration with local health professionals.
A Brigade Story

Meet Rachel

Rachel is from Fort Worth, Texas.

In 2013, she began traveling to Santa Rosa on Spring Break medical mission trips with her home congregation, providing hope and healing to those in Western Honduras.

In addition to reducing suffering, medical missions help see Christ as our volunteers demonstrate his model of sacrificial giving.

In 2016, after completing her first year of college, Rachel decided to pursue an internship with MUR and was accepted.

Our summer internship program has helped develop future missionaries and spiritual leaders each year.  Perhaps you or someone you know would like to participate.

Rachel was able to spend the summer helping organize and run the medical missions she had spent the last 3 years attending. She also spent time supporting our evangelical outreach brigades and DESEO.

DESEO is our youth outreach program that teaches values, morals and personal health topics in the public schools.

Through her work at the medical brigades, showing relief through Christ’s love to the sick and hurting all around Santa Rosa, Rachel has helped further the John 1010 Generation.

Consider starting or joining a medical brigade and help us spread the John 1010 Generation.

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