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The type of Good News that Mission UpReach lives and practices results in individuals being transformed spiritually, economically and physically. These individuals, in turn, are the ones who transform the very communities that they live in. While our approach may have changed through the years, our end goal has remained constant. The result is a better family, a better community and a better nation.


Mission UpReach is committed to spiritual and physical transformation through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We focus on educating children, teenagers and adults by training and equipping them to be leaders both in their communities and in their churches. We accomplish this through a variety of programs.


Mission UpReach hosts countless groups throughout the year. These groups do varying activities such as medical and surgical outreach, construction, and VBS outreach. Visiting groups are a big part of what we do and we encourage everyone to come partner with us in the incredible work we are doing.


The MUR team is made up of people from five different nations. While most of the members are from Honduras and less than 5% of the team are from the United States, we also have people from as far away as the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.


Mission UpReach is a charitable organization that depends on donations, without which none of our programs would exist. The churches and individuals that are donors to our mission are critical to our success and we consider each and every one of them a co-laborer or partner in what we are doing.

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