Spiritual Outreach

We recognize that true healing cannot occur by simply meeting one’s physical needs. As such, we place equal importance on spiritual healing. We address this area through extensive biblical training, evangelism and prayer.


CREO, often referred to as Boot Camp, is a series of short intensives that provides men and women with the basic skills and knowledge to serve as leaders in their local church. This series focuses more on practical skills while at the same time providing an increase in the participants Bible knowledge. MUR’s team of trained facilitators holds 13 of these four-day intensives throughout the year.


CRESCO is a much longer and much more in-depth series of studies than CREO Boot Camp. This program is equivalent in knowledge to a two-year Bible degree from a Christian University. It has more rigor than CREO and covers two full years of part-time study.


As an organization MUR is focused on evangelism as a core value in all of the programs that we administer. A good example is our surgical and medical brigades. When MUR holds a surgery brigade at a public hospital; our team of evangelists coupled with members from the local church pray with the patients and their families before, during and after the surgery. Then, a few weeks later these same evangelists visit each of the patients in their home. Each and every ministry as well as each activity of MUR has an evangelistic component much like laying bricks on top of each other leads to a wall.

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