Mission UpReach is committed to spiritual and physical transformation through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We focus on educating children, teenagers and adults by training and equipping them to be leaders both in their communities and in their churches. We accomplish this through a variety of programs.

Spiritual Outreach

We recognize that true healing cannot occur by simply meeting one’s physical needs. As such, we place equal importance on spiritual healing. We address this area through extensive biblical training, evangelism and prayer.

The Moses Project

The Moses Project is a 120 acre commercial farm and ag training facility. At any given time, this facility houses an average of 40 boys above the age of 13. These young men learn best practices in the technical and economic aspects of agriculture, specifically in coffee, fish, and poultry. Through this program, we are training and equipping the future generations of coffee farmers, business owners, and community leaders, who will shape and transform Honduras. At the same time, the farm serves as a source for countless jobs in the community and eventually, a source of financial stability that will support the other MUR works.


The DESEO program teaches values in the public schools from a Bible based curriculum. Each week more than 1200 children receive a 40-minute lesson on values. Parents and teachers alike report that the program has changed their schools for the better. DESEO seeks to inspire a new generation of leaders who care deeply for their community and who are equipped with the values needed to make a difference.


ESPERO, our school for deaf adults, seeks to empower and inspire a marginalized community. The deaf are often treated as second class citizens, which sets them up for a lifetime of struggles. ESPERO offers a quality education, which opens doors for a lifetime of opportunities.

Medical Outreach

Many in Honduras struggle to get the medical attention they require and countless wait extensive periods of time for surgeries that would better their quality of life. In response to this, Mission UpReach began to organize visiting medical brigades and surgical clinics. Through basic medical attention and surgeries, we seek to address the physical needs of the Honduran people.

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