Mission UpReach offers internships each summer, working in a variety of different areas. We take into account your specific skills and abilities and then pair you with an area of ours where we think you would function most effectively. This experience gives you the opportunity to inspire and serve the people of Western Honduras while also gaining credible experience in many different facets including medical care, public relations, advertising, agriculture, engineering, and organization and administration.

Internship Description

Summer internship opportunities are available during the summer months (end of May to the beginning of August) for individuals who have completed freshman year or more of college. These internships attempt to combine the individual’s gifts and talents with opportunities to serve in Honduras. It also serves to promote emotional and spiritual maturity as the intern learns to navigate a foreign environment. Interns are supervised by experienced missionaries but must have the ability to function independently and the heart to serve and do whatever is asked of them.

How to Become an Intern

Those interested in our summer internship program must go through an application process that includes completing a written application, sending in letters of recommendation, and an interview (Skype of FaceTime) with the supervising missionaries. Interns are generally selected by the end of January of the year of the internship to enable them sufficient time to raise funds.

Why Internships Help

Internships are mutually beneficial. The mission benefits from the service and energy that the young interns contribute during their short stay, and interns gain a new perspective on how specific gifts can be utilized by God both on and off the mission field. Once home, informed and enthused interns become ambassadors for Mission UpReach.

Interested in interning with us? Contact us! Help us spread the John 1010 Generation.

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