Medical brigades bring temporary and basic clinics to the communities that would not otherwise have these services. The brigades offer free doctors’ consultations, medication, eye exams and glasses, dental assistance, and occasionally specialized care. The clinics always function in collaboration with local health professionals.

Medical Brigades

We host 10-15 medical teams each year, serving between 900 to 1000 people in each brigade. Temporary clinics are set up in remote villages in order to provide a check-up and the necessary medications for each patient. Vision checks and dental services are provided when teams brings the personnel and resources. Teams generally consist of 15-20 people, including medical professionals and others who serve in non-medical roles. Most people living in these remote villages do not have access to medical care, making medical brigades one of our most powerful tools for opening doors in communities to sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Surgical Brigades

Our surgical teams are usually formed by a team leader who pulls together all of the necessary members to perform the needed surgeries from start to finish. These teams are able to serve approximately 60 patients in a week. Working with a local public hospital, our teams offer surgeries that are not usually offered at the hospital or surgeries needed to reduce the long waiting list the hospital has. The recipients are so appreciative, many whom have been waiting for over a year for surgery, and the team members get the joy of knowing they have met a true need in the community.

VBS Brigades

Teams that choose to focus on serving children have an opportunity to prepare a VBS-like lesson to take into several of the schools in which our DESEO team works. The visiting team will assemble all the children in the school for a devotional time followed by a classroom lesson, including crafts and games. The blessing of interacting with children, coupled with the privilege of sharing Jesus, is fulfilling and rewarding. The team typically visits 6-8 schools in the course of the week, serving some 600-800 children.

Construction Brigades

Visiting teams that are interested in putting their talents to work in a construction project are very beneficial to our overall efforts. Many times, Mission UpReach has a need for a construction team at our Moses Project farm. Other times there are opportunities to help a school or church with a specific construction project. Such teams can consist of as few as 5 people, with construction experience, or up to 20 people. Sweating and working hard, and knowing that the sacrifice has an eternal purpose keep construction groups coming back year after year.

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