AIM (Adventures in Missions)

Adventures in Missions (AIM) is a part of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. AIM is an apprentice missions program for college-age young people. MUR has enjoyed a collaborative relationship with AIM for several years. In total, 17 AIMers have served with us in Honduras, representing three AIM class groups.
A Mission Story

Meet Caleb

Caleb Gossett came down to Santa Rosa in 2014 with our first AIM team.

Caleb spent the next year experiencing many different things through his work in many different areas of Mission UpReach, such as teaching DESEO and learning from the ministers at CREO.

CREO is our men’s discipleship program, consisting of week-long bootcamp sessions.

During his time as an AIMer, Caleb was always on-the-move helping establish Raices (our college outreach program) and running our youth basketball leagues!

The basketball league is part of our DESEO program, a school outreach ministry, touching the lives of more than 1,200 students in nine public schools in the greater Santa Rosa area.

After his 22-month period as an AIMer was over, Caleb was offered a position with the mission, acting as the Assistant Group Coordinator.

Our ministry is constantly growing.  Learn how you can become a long-term volunteer member of the Mission Upreach Team.

Through his work mentoring young people in Santa Rosa as well as the healing and empowerment that occurs as a result of our brigades, Caleb helps spread the John 1010 Generation.

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