Church Development

Training spiritual leaders in local communities is the core ministry of Mission UpReach. The John 1010 Generation will establish 1,010 churches that are self-led, self-sustaining, and self-replicating. This will be accomplished in a culturally sensitive way that does not result in a long-term dependence on funding or leadership from the USA. CREO and CRESCO are the key programs by which we train local leaders.
A Church Development Story

Meet Jormar

Jormar is from La Paz, Honduras.  He began attending our CREO boot camps in 2014.

After only 10 months in the program, he graduated faster than anyone else to date. The valuable teachings he gained from CREO equipped him to teach others about Christ.

CREO is our men’s discipleship program, consisting of week-long bootcamp sessions.

Jormar was offered a job as a church developer to help spread the good news of God through Western Honduras and to help train and mobilize others through the CREO program to develop self-sustaining churches in their own communities.

Jormar is one member of our ever-expanding church development team.

Jormar now helps spread the John 1010 Generation by teaching, training, and mentoring others throughout Western Honduras to plant the Kingdom of God.

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