Construction and Project Teams

Construction and mechanical brigades round out our greatest areas of service. Construction brigades focus on providing technical skills and labor, primarily to MUR’s internal programs. Whether you are helping construct a building out at The Moses Project, helping improve a local school building, or doing repairs on a church building, construction projects are an invaluable asset to Western Honduras.
A Brigade Story

Meet Kylie

Kylie visited Santa Rosa on a construction campaign with her University for the first time in 2015 where she served at The Moses Project.

She returned the next Spring Break to help paint the boys’ dormitory.

The Moses Project is an agricultural training facility for boys above the age of 13 all throughout Western Honduras.

Inspired to spend her summer helping serve others, she contacted us about a summer internship.

Our summer internship program has helped develop future missionaries and spiritual leaders each year.  Perhaps you or someone you know would like to participate.

Kylie spent her summer providing healing and relief to those in Honduras by helping organize and run our medical brigades as well as assisting with VBS brigades and construction brigades.

Brigades allow us to reach more people in more areas, and providing more services, than our resources normally provide.

The projects completed by Kylie and her team members help our Moses Project function fully, allowing us to further train the boys to be future church leaders, planting self-sustaining congregations all across Western Honduras.

Become a financial partner and help us spread the John 1010 Generation.

Mission UpReach organizes several water well drilling boot camps each year.  These are an opportunity for visitors to learn the techniques of deep-well, rotary drilling as well as serving the community.

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