Dulce Refugio

Dulce Refugio is our women’s shelter with a program that seeks to provide a safe environment for young ladies who are living in inadequate or abusive family conditions. Selected young ladies, over the age of 18 and meeting the other minimum entrance requirements that have been established by MUR, are invited to enter the program. We cover the expenses for their continued education – whether high school or university - and provide stable and safe housing. The ladies in the program are also encouraged to work and attend church in order to place themselves in a healthy family environment. The home has helped 10 women stabilize their lives, further their education, and find a career. Dulce Refugio also houses our family counseling center. This center has resulted in over 65 legal marriages of couples who had been living in a common law relationship.
A Ducle Refugio Story

Meet Maria

Maria sought protection in the Dulce Refugio house in 2012.

She fled her home after refusing to comply with sexual and physical abuse from the man her mother was living with.

The stability and safety that she received at Dulce Refugio allowed her to focus her energies on her spiritual and academic studies.  One can only imagine the example her changed life was in her local community.

Her time in the Dulce Refugio house empowered her to begin working and studying to be a teacher.

Maria is such an inspiration to other young ladies living in violent or abusive situations to escape those environments and seek Christ.

Because of the healing and relief she found in Dulce Refugio, Maria met her now husband, and they have started a family.

Many young ladies suffer sexual abuse in Honduras as the family structure has failed; as the average young person will have four “father figures” living in their home by the age of 18.

Maria helps spread the John 1010 Generation by being a positive example of love and Christianity to her own child as well as the children she teaches and mentors daily in her job as an educator.

Become a financial partner and help us spread the John 1010 Generation.

In a parallel effort, we are very active in Bible based marriage counseling.  Common law marriages are widely accepted as a cultural norm in Honduras and that moral standard has resulted in a significant disintegration of the family unit.  Mission UpReach is aggressively encouraging couples to legitimize common law marriages. To date, 65 couples have attended counseling and legalized their marriages.

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