Mission UpReach offers internships each summer, working in a variety of different areas. We take into account your specific skills and abilities and then pair you with an area of ours where we think you would function most effectively. This experience gives you the opportunity to inspire and serve the people of Western Honduras while also gaining credible experience in many different facets including medical care, public relations, advertising, agriculture, engineering, and organization and administration.

Meet Sharron

Sharron Weber is studying PR and Advertising at Texas A&M University. Desiring to spend her summer doing something meaningful and sharing that desire with Phil and Donna, they offered her an opportunity to spend 8 weeks as an intern in Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras working with Mission UpReach. She spent the summer taking and organizing photos and videos, generating social media content, and documenting brigades.

Meet Rachel

Rachel Giles is studying architecture to be an interior designer at Texas A&M University. She joined us for an 8-week internship working with our brigade coordinators. She spent the summer organizing and running our brigades, particularly our medical brigades with fellow intern Kylie Sandlin.

Meet Kylie

Kylie Sandlin is studying Communication Disorders at Auburn University. After coming down with the Auburn Christian Student Center for a spring break mission trip, Kylie desired to pursue a mission-oriented internship for the summer. During her 8 weeks in Santa Rosa, she helped organize and run the medical brigades along with fellow intern Rachel Giles.

Meet Josiah

Josiah Holland is studying at Vanderbilt University. Josiah spent 9 weeks in Santa Rosa working at The Moses Project helping to design and construct a small-scale fishpond in hopes that this model will be more easily used in the smaller communities and villages around Santa Rosa.

Interested in interning with us? Contact us! Help us spread the John 1010 Generation.

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