Long Term Volunteers

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A Mission Story

Meet Amy

Amy is a med student at a respected East Coast osteopathic school.  She’s gained great knowledge, but has always wanted a way to combine what she’s learned with her heart for mission.

An Opportunity in Honduras

One of the thing that drew Amy to her school was the relationship they had with Mission Upreach and the annual medical brigade trips they took to Honduras.  After her third semester, she signed up to be part of that year’s brigade.

Contact us if you would like schedule a trip for a group of professionals or learn how to join an existing trip.

A Week to Remember

The week that Amy was in Honduras was both tiring an rewarding.  Over the course of 5 working days, her team visited 4 different villages.  They also did a central clinic for children in Mission Upreach’s DESEO school program.  Somedays, they saw as many as 250 patients.

Medical brigades are just one of the side benefits of DESEO.  Read about a life touched by the school discipleship program.

Lasting Impact

Over the course of the week, Amy and her teammates had a chance to provide physical healing to many people.  They left behind medicines and supplies that could be used by Mission Upreach after they were gone, meaning more healing could occur and doors that would be opened.

There are many additional costs such as vehicle maintenance, staffing and facilities that go into the programs that continue after brigades leave.  Please consider making a financial contribution.

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