VBS Brigades

One of our brigade options is our Evangelistic Outreach campaigns, also known as VBS brigades. These brigades give visiting groups the opportunity to mentor the children throughout the region, working alongside our DESEO team. The groups prepare skits, games, stories, and snacks centered on a central theme in order to show the children the love of Christ. These opportunities to inspire and counsel the children in the city are indispensable in order to train children to become leaders in their churches and empower them to become disciples in their communities.
A Brigade Story

Meet Snellville Church of Christ

Snellville Church of Christ began travelling to Santa Rosa for Vacation Bible School campaigns in 2012.

They supported the DESEO team with skits, games, and snacks themed around mentoring the children in their relationships with Christ.

DESEO is our youth outreach program that teaches values, morals and personal health topics in the public schools.

Since 2012, Snellville has participated in construction projects at The Moses Project, a DESEO school, and a church plant in the local community of Contamal; held VBS brigades; and counseled kids in tutoring and basketball training.

Brigades are powerful tools for week-long projects and other campaigns.  Please consider helping us fund the larger programs throughout the year.

Snellville is now an anchor church, supporting Mission UpReach from the States in many different areas. Want to get involved in one of our different brigade types?

Talk to us about setting up your own evangelistic outreach brigade from your church or organization, and help us spread the John 1010 Generation.

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