Well Drilling

Our well-drilling program aims to provide access to clean water through drilling wells and also establishing a system for organized and effective distribution of that water. So many people live in areas of Honduras where they have no access to clean drinking water. They wash their clothes in the same rivers and streams and pools where they get their drinking water. Here at Mission UpReach, we want to offer wells to these communities.

Meet Ivan

Ivan lives in a small community in Western Honduras.

Ivan and his family have no access to clean drinking water.

Clean drinking water can lead to kids entering school, not knowing much about hygiene or cleanliness. Our DESEO program goes into schools and teaches on these topics and more.

Ivan gets his drinking water from the same stream that he uses to wash his clothes and bathe.

Ivan lives in the kind of small community where our church developers aim to establish congregations.

Mission UpReach comes to his town and helps establish a water system for his community – drilling a well and setting up a system so that the people can all get water from the well in an organized and effective manner.

Well-Drilling is just one our many different brigade types. Interesting in reading about our Medical brigades?

Now Ivan and his family have access to clean water.

We need your support to be able to accomplish things like drilling wells in communities throughout Western Honduras.

If you’re interested in helping us drill wells on a brigade, email us at [email protected]!

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