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Our mission is to bring people into a saving relationship with Jesus.


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Then we help them become a part of a church in their community that God is using to transform that community.

We do this through our medical brigades, DESEO program, Dulce Refugio, basketball workshops, church planting ministries, and more. We are committed to training and equipping men and women in Western Honduras to lead the church and the effort to expand the Kingdom in their communities.



Phil Waldron

Donna Waldron

Madelina Ramírez

Cheryl van den Meiracker

Azucena Portillo

Marianne Moses

Elder Fuentes

Jon Stacy

Gary Gardner

Matt van den Meiracker

Caleb Gossett

Matthew Bridges

Our Board

Phil Waldron

Darin Beakley

Scott Bedichek

Wayne Kellis

Moises Matos

Matthew Schick

Dorris Shelton Gulley

Jeff Simpson

Adam Spencer

Jon Stacy

Phil Berry

Donna Waldron


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Mission Upreach

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