MUR Well Represented at Baxter Seminar

MUR Well Represented at Baxter Seminar

Every year Mission UpReach sends a bus with staff and students to participate in the annual Baxter Seminar in Tegucigalpa. This year, under the direction of Steve Teel, Baxter set the theme as: Families in Crisis, How does God’s Word address the crisis that grips the family today? Topics that were covered where; child sexual abuse, premarital counseling, counseling principles, marriage and sexuality, and the family in Biblical times.

All of our group that participated (seventeen from our CREO and CRESCO programs plus five of our Moses Project boys) reported that it was both challenging and practical. We appreciate the good work that Steve and Diana Teel are doing as the leaders of the Baxter Bible Institute. Visit their website at: for more information on all that God is accomplishing through their ministry.

Jeremiah Santos, one of our staff members, participated in the seminar and while there he took the opportunity to distribute the new A Capella CD produced by the local Barrio Belén church vocal team. Part of our “sales pitch” is that we ask those who receive the CD to commit to copying and distributing it. Our goal in doing so is to help proliferate quality A Capella music throughout the churches. Our dream is to one day have an A Capella Festival in Santa Rosa de Copán where churches can send singing groups to compete for recognition and prizes. Of course our ultimate goal in doing this type of promotion is to equip churches to sing A Capella better so that their worship time is more uplifting.

Here at the local Belen church we have cases of non-churched people who have attended church with us for the first time and come back over and over again because of the singing that we do in worship time. May God grant us the same experience in all of our churches here in Central America.

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