Brigades Update – July 2017

Brigades Update – July 2017

Pine Tree Church of Christ Brings 52 to serve and work

Mission UpReach has a long relationship with the Pine Tree Church of Christ in Longview, Texas. Each year, Pine Tree makes multiple trips to work and serve with us. This year their summer group consisted of 52, including children as young as 6. This group conducted a medical brigade serving just under 1000 people with medical consults, medication, eye glasses, and dental work. A portion of the group worked in one of our DESEO schools teaching children about Jesus, conducted a seminar on bullying for our DESEO team as well as the staff of one of our DESEO schools, and helped build a wall around the same school. It was an impactful week for all involved. Thank you, Pine Tree, for your sacrifice and support!


Burnt Hickory and Legacy Churches of Christ serve together

This year the Burnt Hickory Church from Kennesaw, Georgia joined with the Legacy Church from N. Richland Hills, Texas to serve the needs of many via a medical brigade as well as a construction team. The medical brigade was able to serve 982 individuals with medical attention, medication, and eye glasses. The construction team continued the ongoing work of constructing cabins on our Moses Project property for future group housing. We have a wonderful history of working with each of these congregations both in brigades as well as ongoing support of our ministries. Thank you, Burnt Hickory and Legacy, for your service!

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