Jason Simpson to Lead Well-Drilling Ministry

Jason Simpson to Lead Well-Drilling Ministry

This month Jason and Michelle Simpson arrive in Santa Rosa with their four children. Jason will be heading up our well drilling ministry since all of our equipment is finally here. We are excited about this new beginning. Especially since it has been 8 long years in the making. Phil and Donna Waldron began praying and looking for a way to begin a well drilling ministry even before they moved their family to Santa Rosa to begin Mission UpReach back in June of 2009. Finally, four years ago through the earmarked donations of a few donors, MUR was able to buy the Failing 1500 drilling rig that we needed but it sat for nearly four years in Longview needing repairs. We also needed a whole new drill stem as well as other equipment in order to make it capable of drilling wells up to a depth of 1,280 feet.

Jason and Michelle’s story, of how they suddenly found themselves responding to what clearly seemed to be a “nudge” from God, is quite inspiring. In November last year Jason was working on rebuilding our drilling rig while it sat in Longview, Texas. It was so old that it needed quite a few repairs. After several weeks of working on the rig Jason received a call from Phil Waldron asking him to consider moving his family to Honduras to head up the well drilling ministry activity. Jason immediately responded by saying that he would like nothing better than to do just that but he was uncertain that his wife, Michelle, and their four children would feel the same. The phone conversation between Phil and Jason ended on that day with Jason saying that he would present it to Michelle and that they would pray about it. Here in his own words is what happened next,

“In spite of the fact that Michelle was not going to be open to this opportunity, I agreed to talk with her about it. The shock of the first call was dwarfed by the shock of Michelle’s response to Phil’s request. “If God is calling us to Honduras we need to go”.

We here at Mission UpReach have seen God provide the right people at just the right time on a number of occasions. For those of us here at Mission UpReach that have seen this time and again the decision of Jason and his family to come and work with us is just one more giant affirmation that God is doing something great here. Jason is a talented mechanic, equipment operator, welder and all round mechanical genius. We are happy to have him and his family here in Santa Rosa to co-labor with us.

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