Staff Visit to Camp Deer Run

Staff Visit to Camp Deer Run

This January we had our third annual kid’s camp. In the U.S., Christian summer camps are common and can be such a blessing for the spiritual development of young kids. We recognized the need for a Christian camp and how perfectly it would fit into our current outreach to children, and we decided to do something about it.

For the past three years Camp Deer Run out of Winnsboro, TX sent down some of their staff to help us have a one-week Bible camp. Camp here has been such a success, and each year we learn more and more through the process. Last month we sent Caleb Gossett and Dakota Nowell to Camp Deer Run to observe a week of camp there, with the hope that they would be able to bring back some ideas to continue to improve our camp. Camp Deer Run is so successful because campers go to a place where they can have a blast, and at the same time be surrounded by good role models they can relate to, who care deeply for them.

The kids at Camp Deer Run dream of being able to one day work on staff as a counselor, doing the same for other kids that their counselors did for them. Our dream is that one day we will have that same camp culture, where the staff are past campers and are able to influence others in the same way they were influenced. We hope to eventually have a camp with multiple session, where hundreds of kids come each year and have their lives eternally changed. Currently we are raising funds to construct our own camp ground to help facilitate our vision. We are also continuing to use our relationship with Camp Deer Run to improve year by year the impact and structure of our kid’s camp.

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