Brigades Update – August 2017

Brigades Update – August 2017

VCOM Returns for Another Medical Outreach

The second VCOM (Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine) group of this year came in July to undertake another medical brigade. VCOM regularly brings a large group of medical students and staff from their different campuses to Santa Rosa de Copan. While here, the groups always do an amazing job attending to the residents of several communities. On this particular trip, they worked in three different villages and spent the last day of clinic attending to members of the local church of Christ in Barrio Belén. People who come into the clinic and are seen by VCOM students and preceptors are always so grateful for the level of care and attention they receive. Our partnership with VCOM is an example of the many ways God is creating opportunities for us to do his will and serve his people.

Lexington Church of Christ Visits Corquín


The Lexington Church blessed Mission UpReach in July by bringing a medical brigade to Corquín, the location of our newest church plant. Mike, Kris, and Kaylee Bridges moved to Corquín this past year to focus on that new effort. The Bridges are from the Lexington congregation so naturally the focus of their efforts was directed to that work. The brigade was a great success and we were thrilled and amazed when the total number of people served was 1010. Being a part of the John 1010 generation, we are fond of that number. We praise God for the sacrifice and service the church at Lexington brought to Corquín.

Disciple Trips Visits Santa Rosa


Each year we are privileged to host a group of people who join together from various locations under the direction of Disciple Trips. These groups come to serve in whatever capacity we need. This year, they were able to work in a few of our public schools, giving a VBS type experience to several hundred children. They spent their afternoons working at our Moses Project as well as taking an afternoon to serve hot soup, coffee and sweet bread to hundreds at the local public hospital. Everything that groups such as this do, in the name of Jesus, has a huge impact on our continual efforts to share His love with our community. Thank you, Disciple Trips!

University Church of Christ Sends Two Groups


This year, we also had the privilege of hosting two separate groups from the University Church of Christ in Denver, CO. The first group was from their youth ministry and they did a fabulous job conducting a VBS to several hundred children that we serve weekly through our DESEO ministry. It is always energizing to witness the enthusiasm of youth and see how God works and moves in them as they encounter things here that they might not ever encounter in their lives back home. The second group was an adult group who came to serve through a medical brigade. This year, they conducted their brigade in Belén, Lempira, where a new congregation has been planted by a brother named, Jesús Aquilar, along with his wife and daughters. This was the first time we have served that community with a medical brigade. It was well received by the 930 people served. Brother Jesús was so thankful because he believes it will open many new doors as he reaches out to that community with the gospel message. Thank you, University Church of Christ, for helping us build the John 1010 generation!

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