A Note From Donna – September 2017

A Note From Donna – September 2017

I am admittedly NOT a visionary, but fortunately I am married to one. Sometimes his vision makes me panic and at the least it creates stress for me, as a plotting, methodical person. One would think that after 35 years of marriage, 13 of those years on the mission eld, I would grow more con dent in jumping on board as Phil dreams. I suppose I am improving, but I still tend to push on the brakes, much like a back seat driver would.

Phil’s vision and dream for ESPERO and our deaf outreach was no di erent than many of his other dreams that have come to fruition. Even while we were only getting a brief introduction to sign language, Phil was planning to open a school for the deaf. And today, thanks to his vision and the sacri cial work and donations of many, that dream is a reality. I have learned, and continue to learn that when we make plans that are focused on others and bringing the Kingdom to earth, God gives the increase. He wants us to dream big and work hard, and above all else, trust Him.

Neither Phil, nor anyone else involved in launching ESPERO and the deaf outreach is tempted to take credit for what God has done and is doing. He always does exceedingly more than we ask or imagine. Our reward is being able to watch the joy on the faces of the deaf individuals as they capture the truth that God loves them, He has saved them, and He wants to have fellowship with them. We invite you to pray for the deaf community of Santa Rosa, for Enrique as he begins his ministry here, for Carlos, Hugo, Flavia, Digna, Carmen, Jeovani, Darlin, Daisy and Blanca. They all have names and now they know that they have a loving Heavenly Father who knows them by name and calls them into His eternal blessings.

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