A Note From Donna – November 2017

A Note From Donna – November 2017

Dreams and vision for the future are so important for our personal lives as well as our mission. The fulfillment of the vision to have surgical teams is another good example of how dreaming about something, accompanied by persistent hard work and investigation often leads to something great. Without dreams and visions, our lives are not being maximized to the fullest.

When we think about the many ways God has grown this mission, we recognize that without vision, we would not be where we are. This does not mean that everything we have dreamed about or envisioned for Mission UpReach over the years has come to fruition. Some things have yet to come about and that’s where we trust God and His great wisdom to guide us. Sometimes God, with great mercy and understanding, redirects our vision and efforts.

Phil and I often pray that God will not allow us to outrun His plans for the mission. What I mean by that is that we often step out on faith, without full funding or all the necessary resources, and then we trust God to give the increase. To date, God has always come through, but knowing our humanness and our ability to pursue what may be a good thing, but not in God’s timing, we always wait and wonder and pray.

We invite you to pray for us and with us as we seek to know what He has in store for us. And, we would be honored if you would continue to partner with us financially as we faithfully march forth doing what we believe He has directed us to do.

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