Building Leaders, One at a Time

Building Leaders, One at a Time

Apprenticeships of the past were marked by great submission and diligent observation of a master, with the intent of learning every detail. For instance, an apprentice woodworker would watch every tool stroke knowing one day he would provide for himself and his family with the same timeproven techniques.

During the ministry of Jesus, we can see that his disciples were apprentices, of sorts. They followed him, observed him, listened to him, and learned from him. Their time with Jesus shaped and empowered their future work of growing the Kingdom. In the same way the Gospel spread in the first century, we believe Central America will be transformed. Everything we do is focused on developing leaders who will develop other leaders. Even as Mission UpReach continues to grow, it is evident that we will always need more staff to accomplish the complete cultural transformation we are striving for.

It can only happen, however, when we being to develop and empower hundreds of people, one at a time, to lead the charge.

Examples are Benancio Gonzales and Dionisio Sanchez, both from El Salvador. They studied and graduated from CREO, our one-week bootcamp series. They then entered and graduated from our advanced, twoyear Saturday program, CRESCO. This month they each launched satellite CRESCO programs in different cities of El Salvador. Benancio has eight students in San Pedro Puxtla and Dionisio has three students in Suchitoto. These 11 new CRESCO students are being developed into leaders, by those who were developed into leaders. Their journey is evidence that transformation of a culture happens when we care about and invest in individuals.

Please pray for them and the CREO and CRESCO programs.

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