Hard Work Builds Leadership at the Moses Project

Hard Work Builds Leadership at the Moses Project


The 2018 school year has begun with a flurry of activities at the Moses Project. On Jan. 25 we welcomed 16 new members to the Moses Project family. The first few days and weeks have been focused on orienting the new members into the Moses Project way of doing things. We have mixed the new members with the older members in room assignments and work responsibilities. The focus of the project is to develop future leaders and it is difficult to become a leader if you have never had the opportunity to lead. We are in the process of selecting and discipling 11 crew leaders to help ease some of the workload and to develop leadership skills.

We are taking the first few months of the year to focus on the values we want the boys to have in their lives. The first of these values is a work ethic. Our key scripture for this value is Colossians 3:22-24. Legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said: “You can work without being industrious, but you cannot be industrious without work. There is no substitute for hard work.”

The workload on a 120-acre farm is no small task and we want the boys to have as much experience as possible. The newest members will work in each of the six main areas of the farm: coffee, tilapia, laying hens, honey bees, carpentry and horticulture. The boys with longer tenure are allowed to select which areas they will spend their time. The goal is that during their time in the project they begin to specialize in one area, so they develop the ability to implement what they have seen and learned at the Moses Project.

These six main areas are undergoing a major overhaul as we begin to develop the agri-business side of the Moses Project. The coffee farm has been in a state of recovery for the last two years because it was all but abandoned when we received the property. This year we hope to produce more than 8,000 pounds of coffee to export to the states so you can purchase it for personal consumption. Just imagine, in June of this year, you could be sipping a hot cup of Moses Project coffee while reading about the amazing things God is doing in western Honduras.

The tilapia and broiler chicken operations are under construction and are advancing nicely now that we are past the rainy season. The purpose of the agri-businesses is to get the Moses Project to a point of self-sustainability. The income that these businesses will generate will allow us to insure ongoing concerns of the project and the ability to continue discipling young men into vocational ministers, so they are prepared to reclaim western Honduras, their home communities and their families for the Kingdom of God. Please pray for the Moses Project and all those involved.

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