Program News and Highlights

Program News and Highlights

ESPERO grows and expands

When we began our school for deaf adults in February of 2017, we had to “beat the bushes” to find the nine students who made up our first class. This year we are almost overwhelmed with the response, mostly due to the fact that good news spreads fast in the deaf community and our reputation as a school has solidified. Of the nine students from 2017, eight have returned to complete both their second- and third-grade years. We have 12 new students forming our first grade class for a total of 20 adult deaf students. The majority of new students do not read, write, or know sign language. As you can imagine, this takes tremendous perseverance and patience from our staff of two trained teachers and four interpreters.

Please keep these servants in your prayers, as well as the students, as we begin our 2018 school year.


DESEO kicks off school year

The school year in Honduras is February through November, so all of our DESEO programs have begun. The energy is high and our team, as well as the children we serve, are excited. We will be visiting 15 schools, serving 2,500 students each week with our Bible-based values education program. Our afternoon programs will serve around 200 children each week and include basketball, tutoring and our children’s choir. Our team is made up of seven Hondurans and three North American volunteers.

Please pray for this team as it serves and plants seeds that have the potential to change a nation.

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