60 People Receive Needed Surgeries

60 People Receive Needed Surgeries

Ben Carson is quoted as saying, “God has given us more than fourteen billion cells and connections in our brain. Why would God give us such a complex organ system unless he expects us to use it?”. Ben Carson is known for many things. A few of which are his leadership role in separating conjoined twins, Benjamin and Patrick Binder, and being named Johns Hopkins University’s director of pediatric neurosurgery. Carson’s perspective on our God-given abilities is sound, and one we also hold. Each day is a gift and a chance to impact the life of others. Our challenge as Christians is finding how we can use our life to impact those around us. Carson’s gift is neurosurgery, which he used to bless the lives of countless people.

Mission UpReach is blessed with the opportunity each year to host groups of people who are ready and willing to use their gifts to do incredible work. This was the case with our second-ever surgical brigade. A group of 14 trained medical professionals, a majority of whom work at Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, TN, spent a week of their time in a local hospital in Gracias, Lempira, doing general and ENT surgeries. In all, the group performed 60 surgeries and blessed the lives of their patients immensely

Jesus believed in the importance of healing. To this day, he is known as the great physician and the stories of the miracles he performed are still studied and analyzed. Just as Jesus saw value in the physical touch and the healing of earthly ailments, we too see that value. Likewise, just as Jesus used his miracles as a tool to spread his teachings, we strive to use everything we do as a means of spreading the gospel. During the week of surgeries, a team of our evangelists visited and prayed with the patients before and after their operations. They also collected their information and were able to visit them two weeks post-op to check up on their condition. We are excited to report that every single patient is recovering wonderfully. We look forward to many more surgical brigades and the chances to help people encounter healing, both physically and spiritually.

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