A Note from Donna – May 2018

A Note from Donna – May 2018

Many of you have read in past newsletters about a little girl named Iris that has been receiving Assistance from a couple of our young donors. We first encountered Iris when she came to a medical brigade. She  was suffering from a degenerative neurological disorder and at that time had pneumonia and was severely malnourished. When the two young girls heard her story, they started sending donations to Mission UpReach so that we could purchase Ensure for her.

Iris soon began to thrive and gain weight. Just a few weeks back I was able to take the girls to meet Iris in person and spend some time with her family. We noticed that she was weaker than before but did not expect that she would pass in her sleep just a couple of weeks later.

We feel so sad for her family and we know she will be missed. We are so thankful for the promise of an eternal life with God; one where Iris has a new body and is free from suffering. Join us as we pray for her family in their grief.

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