ESPERO Faces Challenges

ESPERO Faces Challenges

Our deaf school, ESPERO is a challenging environment on a good day. Imagine yourself attempting to teach first and second grade curriculum to a deaf population that has no common language, no concept of reading and writing, and very little experience socially. Our teachers and facilitators face that challenge daily. Many times, before a new concept can be taught, the facilitators have to research the language and then teach the vocabulary.

An additional challenge here is that the sign language of Honduras (LESHO) is not completely developed. If that were not enough, this month we have faced even more challenges. Last year our school consisted of 9 first graders, one certified teacher, and two facilitators. We added a grade this year and are up to 19 students, 2 certified teachers, and four facilitators. 60 days into the school year we realized that one of our teachers was not apt for the job and began our search for her replacement.

On the day we finally got a replacement teacher, our other teacher, Cindy de los Santos, was hospitalized for complications of her pregnancy. Cindy will be on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy and fortunately our new teacher, Sonia, is taking on the challenge with a great attitude. Our four facilitators have really stepped up to the challenge as well and are proving to be an incredible asset to the school. The students have handled all the changes very well.

We would like to ask you to pray for Cindy and her husband Juan Carlos. They are nervous about a pre-mature delivery like anyone would be, but with the added stress of having lost their first child after a pre-mature birth, their anxiety and stress is elevated. Pray for Sonia as she assumes the role of lead teacher and for our facilitators, Abbie, Mirian, Elizabeth, and Mario as they work hard to keep our students on track

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