Moses Project Works Toward Cultural and Societal Change

Moses Project Works Toward Cultural and Societal Change

by Dakota Nowell

People often feel overwhelmed when hearing about The Moses Project for the first time. Those of you who have physically been out to the site, know that the scope of the land is a good representation of the many projects that are taking place there. On the 120-acre farm, we have over 7 different project sites that include everything from tilapia hatcheries, to coffee fields, to four giant broiler chicken growing houses.

The 47 boys out at The Moses Project have the opportunity to learn about these different areas through hands-on experience each day. The boys are also given the chance to finish their schooling while enrolled in our program; a luxury most of these boy’s families would not be able to afford were it not for The Moses Project.

Although we pride ourselves in the agricultural education provided as well as the opportunity to continue their own academic education, perhaps our greatest focus is on the Spiritual Training of these young men. Each day begins with a devotional led by our on-site Chaplain, Juan Carlos de Los Santos. Juan Carlos is a graduate of the Baxter Institute and worked with our Church Planting team for three years before moving out to The Moses Project full-time. He continues to teach classes during CREO (our one-week intensive Bible trainings) and CRESCO (our twoyear Bible program), both of which are offered to each one of the boys at The Moses Project.

Here at Mission UpReach we have the vision that our participants return to their communities as men of God fully-equipped to not only provide for their families, but also to be the beacon of light to their villages. We pray that our efforts create the godly leaders that this country so desperately needs; planting churches in their communities and opening doors that we couldn’t dream of reaching alone.

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