Announcing the Launch of Subida Coffee

Announcing the Launch of Subida Coffee

by Caleb Gossett


We are excited and proud to report that on August 1st we launched Subida Coffee Company. This launch represents years of thought, planning and effort by countless individuals. For years we have sold coffee in our Mission store, here in Honduras. What began as simply purchasing local coffee and selling it to groups, inspired the dream of one day having our own coffee to sell. Now, years later, we have our own coffee, and not just that, but it’s available for purchase in the United States. We chose the name “Subida” because it embodies what we hope to accomplish through the coffee we produce. In English, “Subida” means “rise”. Through our coffee production and sales, we hope to support the goal and vision of the Moses Project.

For those that do not know, the Moses Project is a 120-acre commercial farm in a small community outside of Santa Rosa de Copán. At any given time, this facility houses an average of 40 boys above the age of 13. These young men learn best practices in the technical and economic aspects of agriculture, specifically in coffee, fish, and poultry. Most of these young men would not have continued their education due to lack of finances or facilities. Now, through the Moses Project, the boys are studying and are on their way to completing their high school education. Through this program, young men from all over Western Honduras are being trained to “rise” as the future leaders, innovators, business owners, and spiritual leaders of their communities.

Ensuring that a cup of coffee tastes incredible is a complex process. The soil, shade, sun exposure, care, picking and drying process, and roast level all impact the taste of a cup of coffee. We take pride in the attention to detail we place on each of these steps. Just as we pay close attention to each coffee plant and the journey the coffee bean takes once it’s picked, we are focused on developing a future generation. This generation isn’t going to rise to the occasion over night, but rather, it’s a process. You have the opportunity to enjoy both sides of our vision. You can enjoy a cup of coffee that tastes fantastic because of how much we focus on the details, and you can know you are making a difference in the lives of young Hondurans. Join us as we seek to produce a fantastic product, and through doing so, inspire and equip a generation to develop into the role God has prepared for them.


Subida Coffee.
Great Cause. Great Coffee.

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