A Note from Donna – September 2018

A Note from Donna – September 2018

August 14th is a difficult day for our family as it represents the day our lives changed forever. That was the day that our son, Harrison was involved in an accident that resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury. None of us are the same, nor will we ever be able to return to who we were on August 13th. I know many of you know the trauma and grief of such occasions and can relate to my words. At the same time, many of you also know that God is our Redeemer and He causes all things to work for our good. How can such tragedy and heartache result in anything good?

It would take pages for me to list the many ways that God has and continues to redeem our pain as a family but let me share a few. First, we have all obtained a new level of faith that would not be possible without this experience. Second, He has used our experience to make us more effective in our efforts to bring hope and peace to others. Third, we are a more united and connected family than ever before. Our daughter in law, Hayley had just come into our lives when the accident occurred, and we had not had much time to bond and relate. The past three years have forged a closeness and unity that we might not otherwise have. I could go on, but hopefully you can get a glimpse of what I mean when I talk about redemption.

I am happy to report that Harrison is stable, and we see small strides weekly. He is still 100% dependent on his caregivers, is non-verbal, and receives his nourishment through a feeding tube. With his eyes and his expressions, he is so present with us and when he gets the opportunity to communicate with his iPad, his primary focus is to bring words of encouragement to those of us around him, assuring us that God is in control. His faith is remarkable and the peace that resides in him is unexplainable without the power of God’s Holy Spirit. How could he possibly make us prouder as his parents? We thank each of you who pray daily for him and our family. We feel the power and impact and we ask that you specifically plead with God to give him his voice. We know he has so much to say that can impact even more people than he has already impacted. May that be the sole purpose of all of our lives, to bring glory and honor to our Redeemer!

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