Coffee That Changes Lives

Coffee That Changes Lives

by Caleb Gossett


What if we told you that you could enjoy your morning cup of coffee, and know that each sip represents lives being changed? It sounds too good to be true, but that is the reality of Subida Coffee. At the start of August, we launched Subida Coffee Company as an exciting new way for people to support the work at the Moses Project. With each bag of coffee and box of k-cups sold, we are able to continue the incredible work at the Moses Project. Everyone who hears about and comes into contact with the Project in some way leaves impressed; impressed with its vision and goals and impressed with the progress it has enjoyed.

The model being used at the Moses Project is both biblical and effective. The young men who are a part of the program are being given the training they need to help provide for their families. At the same time, they are being exposed to a better way of life. A way of life that Jesus describes in John 10:10 as “abundant”. This way of life is one that is centered on Christ and preoccupied with the salvation and well-being of others. The boys are seeing this way of life through working alongside the Christian staff at the Project and through the influence of Juan Carlos, the full-time Moses Project minister.

Paul was an incredible champion of Christ. He travelled thousands of miles, spreading the good news of Jesus. At one point in Paul’s travels he worked as a tentmaker. Acts 18 tells us that “because he was a tentmaker as they were, he stayed and worked with them. Every Sabbath he reasoned in the synagogue, trying to persuade Jews and Greeks” (NIV). Based on our experience, we know the value of an integrated member of a community acting as an influence for change. Our vision for the boys at the Moses Project is that they leave with the skills needed to be successful farmers, business owners and community leaders, who encourage and move others into a relationship with Christ.

This vision is directly supported by the sales of Subida Coffee. You get a chance to partake in a fruit of the Moses Project Farm, while at the same time investing in the future fruits of the program: the transformed lives of those influenced by the Moses Project boys. We invite you to purchase your coffee from Subida Coffee Company, so you can enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee; coffee, that changes lives!

Subida Coffee Company

Great Cause. Great Coffee.

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