Q&A: Irma Santos, DESEO Supervisor

Q&A: Irma Santos, DESEO Supervisor

We sat down with the supervisor of our DESEO program to get her perspective on the impact they are having on the community.


Q: What is the impact of the DESEO program on the children in the schools you visit?

We see the impact we are having by the attitudes and reactions of the kids when we enter the schools, and it is amazing to see. In the schools we visit, we have achieved a 95% attendance rate, and we hear from the teachers that the day we visit is the school’s best attendance. We see a motivation in the kids and an interest in being a part of our classes, and we do our best to be creative and dynamic. The most satisfying thing is getting to see the change in the kids with whom we work.


Q: What does your team do when they are not in the schools?

  1. Develop class plans.
  2. Do run-throughs of lessons that may be taboo for the children or parents.
  3. Receive training directed at childhood education.
  4. Get ready for special events that are programmed throughout the year.
  5. Develop classes for parents.
  6. Practice devotionals for future classes.
  7. Organize personal work space.
  8. Do volunteer work.
  9. Develop didactic material for classes and tutoring.


Q: What impact does the DESEO program have on the community?

It certainly has a huge impact in the community, because at a regional level, there is no program like DESEO. The fact that we go to each school once a week for the entire school year helps the kids develop a sense of trust and interest in the program. This year we began working with parents in the community of Corquín, and we have been able to see the benefit it is for them. These parents also express their gratitude for what we do for their children.


Q: How is your team able to perform at such a high level each and every day of the work week?

  1. Being thankful to God for the opportunity to work.
  2. Receiving motivational classes throughout the year.
  3. Feeling empowered by our work.
  4. Loving what we do and most importantly loving the kids that we work with.
  5. Recognizing and feeling satisfied that we are contributing in a big way to the education of our country.
  6. Being convinced that if you love what you do, it isn’t just a job.
  7. Taking care of ourselves physically and mentally.


Q: Where do you see the DESEO program in the next 5 years?

  1. God willing, DESEO will be in more schools at a national level.
  2. The DESEO team will have expanded.
  3. We will have helped create a community with well-established values: spiritual, moral, and civic.
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