A Note from Donna: November 2018

A Note from Donna: November 2018

by Donna Waldron

Since our arrival in Honduras in 2009, we recognized the importance of education in relation to changing society. Our decision to focus a big portion of our resources to children was a good one and the results, as evidenced by changed lives, are astounding. As mentioned in this newsletter, we are launching a child sponsorship program that will enable us to expand our efforts in helping children stay in school because we believe it is one of the most important elements in overcoming poverty. We also know that a relationship with Jesus Christ is essential. Our DESEO program is the perfect opportunity to teach children about Jesus, help them establish a moral compass, while encouraging them to stay in school. Please consider joining us by sponsoring a child. You will help change a life and yours will probably change as well.

Please be in prayer this month as we take our son, Harrison for an evaluation at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago, IL. The facility has been ranked number 1 in the US for over 24 years. While it is evident to us that Harrison’s recovery is at the mercy of God and His decision to heal him, we also believe He expects us to knock, seek, and ask. We appreciate how so many of you tell us you are praying daily for Harrison and Hayley and we are encouraged by that. Your specific prayers that he might be accepted into their program are coveted. We would also appreciate you praying that his insurance will respond favorably and that any other obstacles will be removed. My favorite verse to pray lately has been, “Be exalted in your strength Lord; we will sing and praise your might!” (Ps. 21:13)

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