New Opportunities

This new school year that began in February, brought new opportunities for DESEO and Mission UpReach. We accepted the challenge to conduct the “School for Parents” that each school is required to offer monthly in 6 different schools. These sessions are an hour long every month. We are teaching themes like The Christian Home, Family Time, Teaching My Children to Work, etc. This past month Karol Murillo, former DESEO teacher and mother, taught a class on Child Abuse: How to recognize it and prevent it. This is such an important topic in a culture where approximately 85% of all girls are sexually abused before age 18. The turn out and feedback has been great, and we feel it is one more door the Lord has opened for us as we try to make a lasting difference in the society in which we live and serve.

DESEO Finalizes 1st Session of Tutoring

DESEO has been offering afternoon tutoring in the schools in which it works for several years. The goal of this program is to help children who are struggling get the boost they need in the hope of them not giving up. Giving up is so common here as many of the children we serve come from homes where education isn’t valued. The most beneficial result of our tutoring program is the personal relationships built with our team members. For many, it’s the first time anyone has taken time to sit with them and help them with school. The tutoring program includes two weeks out of the 9 where the team visits each of the children in their homes and meets their family. This is a highlight for the children as well as our team. It is a blessing to work in a culture that values home visits. Gratitude for the visits are expressed as “thank you for taking me into account.” In other words, ‘thank you for valuing me enough to visit and get to know me.” We consider this just another open door from God to impact lives and be utilized by Him to serve others.

DESEO Project

Please consider visiting our DESEO Project website at www. to see the children who are available to sponsor. Through these sponsorships we can continue to take advantage of the open doors and serve more children.

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