A Note from Donna – August 2019

A Note from Donna – August 2019

This month we wrap up our “summer” season of short-term mission groups. It has been an amazingly successful season, for which we are so thankful. There are many moving parts when we host back to back groups and fortunately, we have an awesome support team on the ground in Honduras that makes it all come together.

As I finish up this newsletter, I am in the Nashville airport headed back to Honduras. I came to Nashville to support Harrison and Hayley while her parents are away. We had many plans: outings and just time to be together. But, as we have learned, things don’t always go as planned. Harrison suffered a series of uncontrollable seizures that required an emergency trip to the hospital and a three-day stay. After many tests, it appears an infection was the trigger, but that is not 100% conclusive. As a mother, each and every time I watch him struggle my heart breaks. It’s just not as it should be, nor as we imagined. We have learned to accept that God is with us, and has been through the entire journey, although in the darkest moments it’s easy to doubt. He always shows up in the people who come to serve and encourage and support us. I am humbly reminded of my lack of control over the lives of my children, and even my own. Harrison is my hero. He never complains and always expresses gratitude. He is brave and courageous, and I know God is using his example to call others to trust in Him. This month Hayley’s family suffered another tragedy when her sister Katelyn’s boyfriend was killed.

We ask that you pray for Katelyn, her son, and the entire Smith family as they face yet another difficult disappointment and life-altering event. Satan attempts to use our weariness to distract us from what God has for us to do. I can truly say that the events of our life have served to remind us that this life is not the most important thing. We long for eternity where all will be made new and there will be no sorrows or pain.

We appreciate each of you praying for us and we ask that you continue so that we can continue to share that hope with the precious souls in western Honduras and beyond.

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