Our First Chicks Arrive

Our First Chicks Arrive

Big news: we have broiler chickens growing at the Moses Project! It has been a long process for us, but God has provided what we need, when we need it. At 8:45am on Friday, August 9th the first load of 13,600 chicks rolled into the gate. After months of preparation we have finally moved from construction and planning to nurturing and motivating the chicks to grow, which is a huge responsibility since the chicks need constant care. We have to constantly monitor the chicks for positive or negative indicators. It is going to take time to perfect the process as we learn how to work with our specific conditions. We have to learn the normal appearance, growth rate, feed consumption and disease types, among others, for our unique locale. Right now, we are stepping out on faith that God will help us navigate this new road.

After a week and a half, the first house is doing very well. The chicks appear to remain healthy, are growing at a good rate and are efficiently converting their feed to body mass. If this continues, we expect a very good result. On the 16th we received our second group of birds and the learning process continued. The third and fourth houses were stocked by the end of the month. Soon, we will be adding production and sales into the mix.

Please pray that God continues to guide us and give us what we need every day, and that the success we are seeing continues. Our prayer is that God will bless this operation and use it for His glory.

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