2019 Year End Fundraising Campaign – A Firm Foundation

2019 Year End Fundraising Campaign – A Firm Foundation

Every year , as we approach December 31st, we hold a year-end fundraising campaign in order to raise about 50% of our operating budget for ministries and programs. This year we hope to raise even more than that because of the incredible opportunity that some of our donors have offered. A small group of MUR donors has pledged $500,000 as a Challenge Fund in order to motivate others to give to the Campaign. That means that for every $1 given MUR will receive $2 up to a maximum of $500,000. That is a 2 for 1 deal and it is an incredible opportunity for donors to multiply their donations with us.

This year our campaign is especially exciting because of the good news that the financial help we are receiving is putting us on a trajectory for a solid, sustainable financial foundation for the future. This Firm Foundation will allow us to increase our effectiveness over the long term. By the end of 2021, 100% of our donations will go directly towards the programs benefiting children and adults, rather than operation and maintenance costs. While this projection is viable and only three years away, we still have to finish investing in the infrastructure at our Moses Project for this goal to become a reality. Our goal is that in the not too distant future agriculture will pay for our overhead expenses while donations will pay for the direct cost of ministries and programs.

You can help us by acting now. Please make a donation by writing a check and putting it into the return envelope that is included with this newsletter and mailing it today. Remember for every dollar you donate someone else will match your dollar, dollar for dollar, so that we actually receive $2 in benefit. Give now rather than later because as more people give and we share the news of how well we are progressing towards our goal; it encourages even more people to give.

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