DESEO Project is Growing

DESEO Project is Growing

One year ago we made a decision to begin a child sponsorship program. We have had this as a part of our vision for years but wanted it to be more than just financial support for children without a spiritual component or the personal connection. In conjunction with our DESEO program, we are able to provide each sponsored child weekly Biblical teachings, values training and more. A sponsorship ensures that we can continue to do the things we do in our DESEO program in addition to providing uniforms, shoes, socks, backpacks, and school supplies to children in need. A sponsor then has an opportunity to maintain a personal conversation with their sponsored child through our network. These children also get priority access to medical care and opportunities to participate in our annual Bible Camp.

We have successfully recruited 80 sponsors. We still have 24 children waiting for sponsors and have recently added 47 to the waiting list. We are working hard to promote this opportunity and would appreciate your help. Not only would we like to invite you to sponsor a child for $38 per month (, but we would like to ask you to promote child sponsorships through your congregation. If you are willing to do that, we will happily provide you with brochures and banners and very clear instructions on how to promote our DESEO Project. Please contact Donna Waldron at for more information.

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