Two Important & Significant Holidays

Two Important & Significant Holidays

Independence Day in Honduras falls on September 15th. This day and the days leading up to it are full of parades that include almost every school age child. A child growing up in Honduras considers marching in the Independence Day parade a privilege and honor. This year Honduras celebrated its 198th year of independence from Spanish rule. Our DESEO team is always honored to be included in the parade as well as ESPERO, our deaf school. This year, like last year, our deaf students were asked to lead the parade participants in the National Anthem. The Honduran National Anthem includes seven verses plus the chorus. It is challenging to learn for hearing students, so you can imagine the challenge of learning it in sign language. Our deaf students work all year long for this moment and perform the anthem with great pride.

Another significant day in September is the Day of the Child , celebrated each year since 1924 on September 10th. For many children in Honduras, this day is even more significant than Christmas. Schools, churches and families plan special events surrounding this day that often include outings to water parks, food, cakes, candy, piñatas y music. Being an organization that serves 1200 students per week in our DESEO program, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to honor and celebrate each of the children we serve. Our DESEO team prepared a special musical performance along with clowns, games, prizes and a small gift for each child. For many children, what we did for them is the only celebration they will have on this national holiday. And we truly do celebrate the children of Honduras! We fully believe that our investment today in the children we are teaching and serving will bring a great change in the community we serve.

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