$500,000 Challenge Fund will Match Your Donation $4$

$500,000 Challenge Fund will Match Your Donation $4$

We need your help. We are in the last few weeks of our 2019 Firm Foundation Year-End Fundraising Campaign. We have made good progress towards our goal, but we are not there yet. Our first ever gala fundraising event that was held on November 9th helped move us closer to where we need to be by year’s end by raising $90,000, after expenses, in a single night. We are grateful to all who attended and all who either sponsored a table and/or donated during the evening.

We still have a ways to go though in order to meet our goal. This is in spite of the fact that we have this incredible offer of a dollar for dollar match issued by a small group of MUR donors. These MUR fans and supporters have issued a challenge where their donations will match every single dollar given by others up to a maximum of $500,000. It’s not often that you can “invest” a dollar and someone immediately gifts you a dollar to go along with it. This is good stewardship of your donations at its best.

As good as their offer is though it comes with a time constraint. And even though they have imposed these limits to their very generous offer these limits are not onerous in their terms. The good news is that the donations can be cash or pledges. It doesn’t have to be in cash and it doesn’t have to all be given by the end of the year. It just has tobe pledged by year’s end. If you can’t give cash now but you know that you can give something later in the year all you have to do is let us know by emailing Phil Waldron at: [email protected] and he can include your pledge in the amounts that qualify towards meeting the challenge.

In order to make maximum use of this generous offer we need to raise a total of $500,000 in cash and pledges by December 31st of this year. Your donation or pledge can go a long way towards success in our campaign.

Can you help us?  Please make this a priority in your year-end giving.

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