Graduation Time for Moses Project

Graduation Time for Moses Project

This time of year is full of mixed emotions for the members of the Moses Project. Some of the boys are excited to be going back home to spend the holiday break with their families and others are not so eager to go back home due to the conditions in which their families live.

This year we are finishing with 22 members of the Moses Project. It has been quite an interesting year with several boys being expelled for disciplinary reasons and three boys whose fathers came and took them out of school because they needed them to be their “visa” to gain access to the United States. These boy’s time in the program ended prematurely, be it due to their own decisions or the erroneous decisions of their fathers.

For seven boys in particular their time is ending in the project because they have, as the apostle Paul said, “fought the good fight, have finished the race!”, because they are graduating high school! For these boys this is a dream made reality. They all come from families who didn’t have any way, not to mention any hope of their sons rising above the poverty that enslaves their lives. For one of these boys his life consisted of living on the floor of the warehouse where his father had found work, for another it consisted of living with a mixture of other children because he had been orphaned by his parents.

For all of them their life now looks much different; their life looks like one of “hope and a future”. Nelson Mandela once said, “History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.” We believe that not only history, but God too will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children. Three of these boys will be given the opportunity to continue at the Moses Project as employees, training to become route salesmen for the products that we produce at the farm. The other four have plans to return to their towns and villages and begin working to be able to support their families. Celebrate with us as we celebrate with them!

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