Backpack, School Supplies, and Uniforms!

Backpack, School Supplies, and Uniforms!

It’s that time of year again here in Honduras. School starts the first week of February, and we have been busy helping our 95 sponsored children prepare. Sponsored children get two sets of custom uniforms, socks, shoes, a backpack, and all the school supplies they will need for the year.

It is always such a joy to see their faces when they receive their backpacks stuffed with supplies! Many of these children are only in school because of the help we are able to offer them through sponsorships which ensure they will get what is necessary for their studies. In addition to physical supplies, our DESEO Program is able to offer weekly Bible lessons and values training. Knowing that someone they don’t even know cares enough to send money to meet their needs is truly an encouragement, not only the child, but also the parents. It is our dream to sponsor all 1200 children we serve on a weekly basis. Please go to today and select a child to sponsor.

For just $38 per month, you can experience the joy of knowing you are helping a child. Share this opportunity with your family and friends and make a difference in a child’s life!

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